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Skill or Luck in Poker

Whether a casino game is considered one of skill or luck is a debate that is deep-rooted and at the heart of government debates that surround gambling. In fact, the United States has outlawed online poker playing for money because the government has labeled poker a game of luck.

The Law

In 2006, the United States passed a law known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Though American gamblers and online casinos alike protested this law, there was little that could be done. The American government views poker as a game of luck and feels that there is too much room for casinos to take advantage of the public to allow it. As such, banks in the US are strictly forbidden from doing business with online casinos in any way.

The Luck Quotient

The US government also stated that the Act of 2006 may eventually be reconsidered, at least as far as poker was concerned, if poker could be proven a game of skill. Right now, the government views it as one of luck, stating that there is no way a player can influence the cards they receive without cheating. Though this is true, this is the extent of the luck associated with poker. Players can use strategy and skill to play the game.

The Argument for Skill

Proficient poker players will always defend their stance that poker is a game of skill. They claim that no matter which cards are dealt to them, they must use the power of logical deduction to make their next move. A common analogy states that the government would also need to outlaw cooking outside of restaurants as amateur chefs would need to rely on luck in order to create something edible. The government of the US states that where money is involved, the law will prevail.

Gamblers in the US and other countries are anxiously awaiting the day when it is determined that poker is a game of skill, as this will mean that online poker rooms will spring up in the US and other countries and make gambling all the more exciting.