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Play Stud Poker

With the popularity fostered by the many recent televised tournaments, Texas Holdem poker is definitely the most popular poker game available at online casinos. However, many players still swear by the old traditional stud poker. Players who are interested in brushing up on the basics and possibly winning some easy money should definitely check their favorite online casino for stud poker games.

The Classic

Unlike Texas Holdem, stud poker does not use community cards that are revealed to everyone. Every hand is completely secret from every other as each player is dealt five cards. Players place their bets and then are given the option to trade in and replace one to three or four of their cards. After they are dealt these replacement cards, they place another bet, and then reveal their cards to the other players.

Straightforward Game

In stud poker the rules are simple. The player plays only the cards in his or her hand. Highest hand wins. There are no wild cards to shake things up, and players don't get to pull on the same set of community cards. That means there are no sudden upsets when a useless hand suddenly becomes a straight or a flush. Players play only with the cards they are dealt. This makes the game ideal for those who are still learning what hands are highest, and how likely it is that they will be able to build a strong hand.

Online casino stud poker can be played as a social game or as a head-to-head against a dealer, depending on the casino.