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Preflop Holdem Poker

While most of the exciting play in Texas Holdem takes place after the flop is revealed, some of the smartest choices are actually made before the flop. By taking advantage of those preflop opportunities, players can set themselves up for the best possible game of Texas Holdem and minimize the impact of any changes the community cards will make.

Equity and Implied Odds

Many individuals have taken the time to chart out the many different possibilities of the preflop poker hand. The odds involved can be a bit complex, but with a bit of effort, players can learn and use them easily. If players use these charts, they can understand the idea of equity and implied odds. A player's equity is the amount of the pot that the player can claim as his or her own, based on his or her own cards.

Improving the Preflop Hand

Players can improve their equity by edging out players before the flop begins. Even though any player stands a chance of winning once the flop has begun, a player with an already existing high hand or pair can intimidate other players into folding before that happens. This allows the players who remain to have more equity, or a better command of the pot. After the flop, though, it's anyone's game.

If players make smart moves early on, they can improve their chances of winning. By playing the preflop hand for all it's worth, players can easily increase their claim on the Texas Holdem pot.